Queen Serperior (Known as serperior) is the keeper of the arbor area. She is the mother of Snivy


Being royalty, Serperior likes to act elegent and swift, the complete opposite to Snivy . She worries about Snivy since Snivy does not act like royalty. She is kind hearted and everyone in the Arbor Area likes her. Even Metapod who comes from the Crag Area likes her.


She first apperes when Snivy takes Pikachu and Oshawott to met her.She says that Oshawott is scared of the dark. once snivy leaves she said snivy's manners consurn her. She then reapperes when you exit the poster portal. 

How to befriend:Edit

You can only befriend serperior after completeing the main game. You go to her chamber and talk to her. You then need to knock Leavanny and lilligant out the the ring

Recommeded Pokemon: Tepig



Queen Serperior